How to get the modern Hawaiian inspired kitchen

It is undeniable that the kitchen is the heart of a home. Not only kitchens are used for preparing food and cooking, but it can also be a place to entertain your guests, spend quality time with your family and even use it as a place for relaxation and get rid of stress. This is why it’s very important to make your kitchen not only functional but also inviting as well.

Nowadays, there are many trends in designing a kitchen. One of the most popular styles preferred by many homeowners is a Hawaiian inspired kitchen. If you are building your kitchen to have a Hawaiian style, we’ll give you some tips to have not only a beautiful kitchen but also a timeless one.

When you think about Hawaiian style kitchens, you see a bright, breezy and cool space. It is characterised by warm and organic materials such as wood, rattan and plants. So how do you make your kitchen more on Hawaiian style?


What comes in your mind when you think of Hawaiian style? You are probably thinking of different kinds of wood, seashells, pineapples and a tropical scene. You should definitely incorporate these materials into your kitchen. You can opt for a kitchen counter made of Mahogany or teak as these are good choices for kitchen furniture because they are very durable. Plus it will help you create the mood. There are different designs of kitchen counters you can choose from sydney benchtops to design your Hawaiian inspired kitchen.  

When it comes to furniture and appliances, clutter is a big no-no. So make sure that you choose furniture that gives you the feeling of everything just flows together. Give your kitchen as much as open space by selecting a minimalist vibe.

Colour schemes

When you think of Hawaiian style or tropical island design, you may think of bright colours. Well, aside from bright colours you can actually use white, grey and even dark colours. You can go for dark coloured cabinets and then just add a few touches of white or bright colours. One good example is having a black cabinet with tropical leaf prints. This design is trending nowadays. The same design can be used in your kitchen walls or ceilings. Another design that is trending is flamingo. You can put on flamingo decors for more fun and whimsical look.

More lighting

For a tropical feel, think about air, light and other natural elements. Fill your kitchen with as many windows as possible to take advantage of natural lighting. Lighting works best for the tropical kitchen when you complement it with the use of other natural elements like wood, stone or cane.

Your kitchen should never feel dim or cramped. It should rather be light, airy and open. When you are in your kitchen, you want to feel that there are no boundaries between your indoor and outdoor—the keys to achieving this to glass doors, large windows and the skylight. If you are going to have window treatment, minimise it as much as possible so that the natural lighting won’t be distracted.

Do not go overboard

Having a tropical kitchen means you want to feel comfortable, relax, and natural. It’s okay to add in elements of the seaside but make sure not to overdo it. You can decorate your kitchen with a few shells, glass bottles and woven baskets. But then again, do not go overboard. Avoid putting signs like “this way to the beach” or using too many anchor prints. Keep it simple, and you won’t definitely go wrong.